Ready for Swoon Fall 2014 and chocolate cheesecake!

Just one more sleep until Swoon! (And this many sleeps until Christmas, in case you were wondering.) We’ve been all been waiting for Fall 2014’s literary evening of love, sex, and chocolate (and cheesecake!) so come on out, Vancouver! Don’t let the November cold make you hide out at home when you could be at Swoon, learning all about canoodling and cuddling, smooching and swooning. What we mean is: these performances are going to be just the right amount of sweet and sexy, and it is going to be a wonderful evening! It’s going to be a whale of a good time! Bring your friends, bring your lovers and share our love!

Swoon Fall 2014 features tantalizing performances by andrea bennett, Lucas Crawford, Shannon Rayne, Andrea Routley, Ellie Sawatzky, Mallory Tater, and Janine Alyson Young! For more about about these truly love-inspired folks, check out their bios on our Readers page. For more about how sweet tomorrow night will be, read on!


Our generous venue, Trees Organic Coffee, is ready to meet all your chocolate cheesecake needs. Trees is located at 450 Granville St, downtown, very close to Waterfront Station. The evening starts at 7:00pm; please arrive a little early to grab a seat and get yourself some treats first. We will break mid-way through the performances, too, for another opportunity to grab a slice of cheesecake, chat with our authors and get books signed.

Tree's "Chocoholic Cheesecake," one of several very tempting flavours... (Via their website)

Tree’s “Chocoholic Cheesecake,” one of several very tempting flavours… (Via their website)

There is no cover fee for Swoon, but we do encourage you to bring cash so you can buy our authors’ books and support our venue by indulging in their swoontastic cheesecake and a drink!

We are so grateful to everyone who helps makes this labour of true love happen. Come out and see why we’re so delighted! We are proud of our Swoon community and so excited to welcome you into it. See you soon!

You can follow us on Twitter at @swoonvancouver. Tweet at us and we’ll reply! What is your favourite dessert? Your favourite love poem or story? We want to know. Plus, we tweet cool things about chocolate, love, sex, and the literary arts.

RSVP for tomorrow’s event on Facebook. We would love the chance to anticipate your lovely presence!

And join our community on Facebook to receive our status updates and connect with other Swooners.

If you or someone you love would be a fantastic fit for Swoon’s next event (Spring 2015), take a look at our post on how to be a good (Swoon) lover, and drop us a line at!


About Ruth Daniell

Ruth Daniell is a writer and the editor of Boobs: Women Explore What It Means to Have Breasts (Caitlin Press, 2016). Her work has appeared in Arc, CV2, Event, and Grain. Most recently, she was awarded first prize in the 2016 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest with The New Quarterly.
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