Declarations of Love by the Spring 2017 Swooners

At the Swoon Finale (on May 13, 2017), Sierra and I gave our audience members and authors the chance to participate in a love game. We handed out pieces of paper and invited everyone to write down specific things, people, or places that they love. We got a diverse range of replies. What follows is my faithful transcription of those declarations of love.

Swooners love game

Smell of felt markers, whirlpools, high-concept science fiction

The scents of a damp forest ♥
and my wife

Early morning cuddles

Feeling of a cat’s tongue on my feet … but NOT in a sexual way

I love kinky sex that is preceded by lengthy discussion about consent! (Seriously.)

Brown paper packages tied up w/ strings

non-reciprocated tickling

card games involving inappropriate humor
rainbows, lucid dreams


Hearing birds chirping outside in the bright morning light, knowing there is absolutely no rush to get out of bed.

lilacs & snapdragons

Fat Cats on Bay Windows

melted brie on chewy sourdough

I love the lily-of-the-valley hat have just come into bloom in my garden. (Editor’s note: This entry also included an excellent doodle of a lily-of-the-valley.)

the crisp freshness of tomato-stem smell

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Ruth Daniell

genuine laughter

I love the smell of sun-bleached forearm hairs and skin as I lie on the warm granite rocks by the water at my grandmother’s cottage in Georgian Bay, Ontario.

You know when it is torrentially raining and windy as f#ck & your umbrella breaks and you are soaking wet? I love the opposite of that.

I love Snapchat. (It has changed my life & made me the woman I am today.)

A large, earthy mocha topped with whipped cream drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Curtis LeBlanc

Merp! (Editor’s note: This was widely interpreted to mean Mallory, Curtis’s partner.)

I love imbibing the universe. ✿
and because I dislike suffering anywhere in it…
I love to generate and repair flows to crystallize harmony.

Bloodroot in bloom in my backyard.

I love cancelling on plans when I realize I’m a grown-ass woman and don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. (Related: I love my jammies.)

Sharing a vibrator

I love the way music sneaks through my conscious defences, grabs me by the collar and shakes me into blissful states of pure joy pushed to the point of pain.

the pulse of an engorged penis

I love a good comedy duo… Like having a bestie roommate as your straight man  ♥♥ SSG + CB ♥

Puppy Ears.

Dry ice, Harry Potter, & nipple teasing.

Baby animals causing trouble


About Ruth Daniell

Ruth Daniell is a writer and the editor of Boobs: Women Explore What It Means to Have Breasts (Caitlin Press, 2016). Her work has appeared in Arc, CV2, Event, and Grain. Most recently, she was awarded first prize in the 2016 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest with The New Quarterly.
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