After four wonderful years, Swoon: A Reading Series on Love & Desire has gone on indefinite hiatus. Our last event took place on May 13, 2017. Please stay on the website and enjoy our archive of great photos, interviews, and other fun things. We welcome our community members to stay in touch with us!

Swoon is a Vancouver-based reading series about love, sex, and chocolate. It seeks to celebrate the best things of life while supporting and showcasing emerging and established writers.

Swoon offers a broad interpretation of love. At our events, you may be treated to sweet love poems for the beloved, of course, but… you might also get to hear a love poem for a cat… Or stories about love for siblings, children, parents, family, friends, self, pets, even… vehicles? Buildings, places? Music? Love for a painting? Love for nature? A flower, a tree? Love for the divine, the world, the universe? Love for God? Love for shoes? Wine? Love is a multi-faceted, powerful, wonderful, bewildering thing and we’re celebrating it in all its forms: sudden love, secret love, almost-love, hapless love, impatient love, passionate love, greedy, shy, unrequited, bitter, dishonest, faithful, sweet, old, young, happy, hopeful, eternal love.

Swoon is co-hosted by Ruth Daniell and Sierra Skye Gemma, both award-winning writers passionate about the Vancouver literary community and CanLit at large. Ruth Daniell founded the reading series in Spring 2013 and hosted the first event with the help of poet Kayla Czaga. Swoon’s  successful Spring 2014 event was co-hosted by two-time novelist and chocolate-lover Jeffrey Ricker, who continues to do Swoon’s graphic design. Since Fall 2014, when Sierra officially became a permanent Swoon co-host, the reading series has grown enormously with a loyal following that reaches from coast to coast. We welcome writers and readers from the greater Vancouver region and visiting writers from all across Canada and beyond.

Learn more about Ruth Daniell and her co-hosts over here. For more about our hopes, desires, and our goals for Swoon: A Reading Series, check out Our Mission.


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