Be a Swoon Lover

Update: As of spring 2017, Swoon: A Reading Series is on hiatus. We are currently not soliciting new authors/performers at this time.

Do you want to read for Swoon’s next literary evening of love, sex, and chocolate? We would love to consider you for our next event! Please email us with an offer to read and a little bit about yourself and what you love to write. Read on for some tips for what we are looking for, and what we’re not looking for. Also read on if you are looking to support Swoon as an audience member and you want to know what kind of work we tend to attract and what to expect at a Swoon event.

Swoon is a literary reading series, and we encourage that anyone writing seriously in any genre get in touch with us if they would like to perform. We generally showcase writers of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and drama, but if you work in translation, lyric or songwriting, comedy, or another medium, do get in touch. We’re interested in as diverse a representation of love as possible.

We love receiving offers of:

♥  unusual and original love poems and love stories, either fiction or non-fiction
♥ drama (playwrighting/screenwriting) full of romantic energy of any kind,  for one voice or for several
♥ erotic writing that tells a story
♥ sex-positive poetry, prose and drama
♥ work that engages critically with rape culture, survivors and their partners
♥ re-envisioned or re-examined interpretations of love stories, fairy tales and happy endings
♥ stories, odes, reflections, and other explorations of dysfunctional and functional relationships, marriages, families and friendships
♥ sincerity and silliness

We are not looking for:

– gratuitous violence/violent sex
– porn (in this case, sex writing that is meant only to arouse, not to advance a story or idea)
– racist, misogynist, or homophobic work
– work that perpetuates rape culture
– cliché, overly-sentimental, overly-sappy love poems and stories

Swoon celebrates all kinds of love. Below are some examples! This is certainly not a definitive list.

♥ romantic and erotic love
♥ love for siblings, children, parents, grandparents, family, friends, etc.
♥ love for pets and animals
♥ love for language, art, painting, music, fictional characters, books, movies, comics, superheroes, etc.
♥ love for vehicles: your first car, your grandpa’s truck, the 99 bus line, that feeling of lift-off from inside a plane, etc.
♥ love for a game or sport: Scrabble, hockey, skiing, baseball, Mario Kart, Monopoly, etc.
♥ love for nature: a flower, a tree, a lake, your garden, the ocean, the rain, the stars, etc.
♥ love for a building, city, or place: Vancouver, Paris, that coffee shop where you sit and write, your parents’ basement, the run-down barn on the highway, etc.
♥ love for the divine: the world, the universe, love for God, etc.
♥ love for things: shoes, nail polish, t-shirts, doorknobs, stickers, scrapbooking, a teddy bear, a swingset, etc.
♥ love for food and drink: wine, coffee, your grandmother’s oatmeal coconut cookies, and, of course, chocolate!

Not a writer, but want to be involved with Swoon? You can help out in other ways. Are you a photographer? Are you a visual artist or graphic designer? Do you have an idea for our next Swoon poster? Do you want to help us spread the word about Swoon? Have a lovely idea? A sexy idea? Please do get in touch!

The simplest way to help Swoon is to spread the word! Tell your lovers, tell your friends! If you like us, we encourage you to help others connect with us by sharing our website (why not sign-up to follow the blog?) and liking us on Facebook. You can share our events and spread the love! Please also follow us on Twitter at @swoonvancouver. We’re always sharing the latest, greatest news about our authors, the Swoon community, and all things literary, lovely, and sexy. Tweet at us and tell us what you think is lovely, sexy, or otherwise awesome to read and write.

Thank you for considering Swoon for your lovely, literary outlet.


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